The inherent qualities of your new solid surface shower, sink or countertop ensures you the ultimate in easy care, maintenance and renewability. Its solid, nonporous composition makes it simple to live and work with for as long as you own it.

Routine Care

For regular cleaning, use a cloth or sponge with your favorite non-abrasive household cleaner. The two most important aspects of cleaning are the hardness of the water and the frequency of cleaning.  Eliminate® is a shower cleaner that works well on everyday soap spots, calcium, and hard water spots. Repel/Ultra Glass helps water bead off surfaces quickly, reducing water spots and making cleaning easier. We also recommend applying a coat of GelGloss™ every few months depending on your use.

Tip: To break up hard water/soap film deposits on your solid surface products, we also recommend a 50/50 white vinegar/water mix solution. 
Non-abrasive kitchen dish washing soap can also break up these deposits.