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For over 20 years, we have built an experienced team with the skills, expertise, and ability to make sure your bathroom remodel is done right. We’re proud to work in our community – we live here and we care about our results and our reputation – that’s why we are proud to stand behind our work 100%. 


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Bathroom Shower Tacoma

Imagine the luxury shower of your dreams that you can get by the tub to shower conversion Tacoma.

Increasingly, these stunning showers are everywhere. At the hotel, on TV, and at a friend’s house. Certainly, the appeal of the Walk-in Shower cannot be denied. 

Not only does the Walkin Shower look beautiful, but it also adds value to the home, makes cleaning easier, and offers many benefits that make the home feel a little more spa-like. Who could help but wonder if your home and budget are right for one of these luxury showers? Professional bathroom remodeling services can do the job for you. 

Customizable, Quality Bathroom Shower for Your Tacoma Home

1. The walk-in shower is easy to use and clean 

In general, shower installation is more user-friendly than other showers and bathtubs. They create a higher comfort factor and have proven easier to clean. Hard water and soap tend to have less residue than bathtubs because walk-in showers do not collect water. 

In addition, its accessibility allows homeowners to clean the shower room quickly and easily. A shower with a door makes it easy to rinse the wall after cleaning. And you can achieve all of this without worrying about excess water spilling on the bathroom floor. 

2. More accessible 

Walk-in showers are the best and a safer option than many bathtub designs and provide better access for cleaning. In the tub, you need to take a shower over the edge of the tub, but you can easily walk, or even roll into a walk-in shower. This is especially beneficial for older homeowners. 

Completed with high-quality artistry, do-it-yourself is made to last a long time. During the 10-, 15-, or 20-year period from the installation date, the physical fitness of homeowners can change significantly, and accessibility can be a factor. However, middle-aged homeowners also need to keep this important advantage in mind. 

3. Walk-in shower units can fit any bathroom size

Another one of the benefits of a walk-in shower is that it can fit almost any bathroom size. Walk-in showers are a great option for smaller bathrooms because many options are available that do not require a large “footprint.” Often, a walk-in shower can take up far less space than a tub-style bath if needed. 

4. They are highly customizable 

Another advantage of the walk-in shower is that it is highly customizable. The walk-in shower is customizable, so you can creatively complement the beauty of your bathroom. Some homeowners may opt for a pre-built shower enclosure, while others want a unique look that emphasizes the style and color scheme of the room. This can be achieved in many ways. One of the most popular is the installation of tiled walk-in showers. 

The tiled shower room can be easily adapted in shape and equipment. Popular bathroom features can also be characterized by individual tile patterns that set additional accents. You can integrate the faucets of individual themes to ensure the continuity of the bathroom decoration. Additional built-in shelves can be added along the shower wall. 

5. Walk-in showers can add value to your home 

Many walk-in shower units, especially those designed more individually by nature, give your home a luxurious look and feel. They look great in real estate list photos and make your home stand out from other markets, especially in the minds of potential buyers. Don’t forget to step into a house with a well-designed, high-performance bathroom with a bespoke walk-in shower. 

Make a Positive Change for Your Bathroom Today

Taking a walk-in shower has many advantages and is one of the many home renovation project options available to homeowners. It can be done at the same time! Unlike other home improvement projects that can help improve guest accommodation, home aesthetics, or home functionality, a beautiful, new, custom-made walk-in shower is all this for you.

Bathroom Shower Installation Specialists Near Tacoma 

We are the best remodeling company, and have a specialized team that regularly checks the recent trends in the market and among the customers. We cater to strive for excellence in our customer services. If you are looking for the finest bathroom renovations, you can contact our team of experts to get a better understanding of renovation as per your space.

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How much does installing a shower in my bathroom in Tacoma, WA cost?

Several factors will influence your shower installation cost, and the cost of the actual shower is only a small part of that. These can be:

  • There is a dramatic impact on the price of the shower based on the type
  • An important factor in determining shower installation costs is the type of materials used.
  • Costs associated with demolition, preparation, and cleanup
How long does a plumber take to replace a Bathroom shower in Tacoma?

It only takes two or three days to repipe a bathroom in Tacoma. As the work is done in sections, you do not have to leave home. Moreover, our team is amiable and professional, and we are always willing to answer your questions. We perform drywall repairs, painting, and municipal inspections to ensure compliance with building codes. Copper repiping usually takes three days; PVC repiping usually takes one or two days.

Will the bathroom shower add value to my Tacoma home?

Adding a bathroom to your home can make it more valuable and desirable to potential buyers. It is not even necessary to remodel your entire home to see strong returns on your investment: simply replacing the bathroom shower in Tacoma with a glass one can add significant value and help you sell your home more quickly.

What is the possible shower in a small bathroom in Tacoma, WA?

Small bathrooms with irregular layouts require creative thinking to fit a shower. Make the shower part of the wall to maximize the floor space in the main area by building the shower back in. While renovating your bathroom in Tacoma, WA, near the sink, pick a partial wall that separates the shower from the vanity while allowing light to reach the shower. Brighten up the shower by installing an overhead fixture.


At Silverado Showers, we are proud to represent and install the Onyx Collection in the majority of the bathroom remodel work we do for our customers. With selections in shower bases, shower pans, tub-to-shower conversions, lavatories, tub surrounds, fireplace hearths, slabs, seats, trim and just about any bathroom accessory you can imagine, being a dealer for the Onyx Collection gives our customers access to top line bathroom remodel products at an excellent value. To learn more about the Onyx Collection and get ideas about colors and materials, check out the Onyx Collection.

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