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Steps to Create a Spa Retreat in your Bathroom

It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Most people find it easy to forget the importance of self-care and taking a break from work to be able to function well. Even a 15-minute relaxation session a day can give you the boost you need to reset and reenergize.

A spa day is something everyone loves, but most people don’t have the means to go to a spa regularly. A spa at home makes this a reality for those who struggle with spending a lot of time at the spa.

To make it more convenient, you can create your own spa in or along with your bathroom shower in Tacoma. Here are some ways to make your master bathroom luxurious, like a spa retreat.

Heated Tile Floors

Radiant heating is a method for heating your home with infrared radiation. It’s what you feel when you put your hand on a hot stovetop. If your bathroom floor has radiant heating underneath the tiles, you won’t ever have cold feet after getting out of the tub again.

It’s possible to put in radiant heaters throughout your house, but the bathroom interior design is the ideal place to provide warmth beneath your feet. When you are on a bathroom remodeling project, include this feature to create the illusion of a spa.

Choose the right color

Color is a key element of your bathroom design. The natural colors of brown, grey, or green can give your Tacoma bathroom a more organic look and a calming feeling. A lighter, more neutral color scheme, such as pale green, light gray, and beige, is better for small bathrooms. These lighter shades create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom remodel idea and give the space a larger feel.

Mood lightings

The lighting is an important component of creating a spa-like bathroom. Choose soft spots of glowing lighting over anything too harsh. Be aware that you have the option to use both kinds of lighting. Bright lights are needed to get around in the busy mornings.

Dimmer switches can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Dimmer switches allow you to adjust the bathroom’s mood whenever you want with the help of bathroom remodeling services. A lot of mirrors and cabinets also have LED lights, which can be turned on or off with a tap of a finger. These can provide amazing mood lighting when required.

Prefer a good soaking tub

The center of your spa retreat is the bathtub. This is the most important and expensive investment in your spa bathroom remodeled project. If you already own one, all that is needed to make it more enjoyable is a quick clean. There are many spa tub designs available. The spa tubs come with a variety of features, including jets, bubbles, timed cycles, and jets. This will help you decide which feature best matches your spa dream assisted by bathroom remodeling contractors.

Look out for luxury shower heads

For creating a spa-like atmosphere, a luxurious rainfall showerhead is essential. The fixture gently rains water on you from above, allowing for a gentle water flow. If you share your primary bathroom with a partner, you might be longing for a bigger shower. A dual rainfall bathroom shower at University place is a great option.

Sometimes rainfall showerheads don’t provide enough water pressure or water flow to allow daily showering. A handheld shower feature can be combined with the soothing elements from a rainfall head to make everyday showering easier.

Therapeutic bath options

Although efficiency and aesthetics are often cited as the main reasons to remodel a bathroom, there are times when physical and mental health concerns can be the driving force behind a remodel.

You should consider your future plans and not just special needs. You might consider adding a bench to your bathroom shower Puyallup or a whole-body array of water jets to help with circulation and massage aches and pains. Hydro features are a great option for enjoying your bathroom now and in the future.


Each remodeling project begins by establishing a plan of action and reviewing your current space. Begin by identifying the challenging areas, and think about how much is the cost to remodel. Make sure you are prepared to discuss what you’d like to alter or add to yours.

Also, consider consulting an expert bathroom remodeling company such as Silverado Showers to help you explore your options and discover the spa-like possibilities of your bathroom. Silverado is the first option for designing-build remodeling. Our experts would love to set up a meeting to discuss designing a custom spa-like retreat right inside your house!

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