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Tips and Tricks to make your bathroom Bigger

With the houses getting small and the bathrooms even smaller, the charm of the aesthetics is fading away. To make the bathroom look bigger, one needs to utilize every corner of it; blended with a few decors tricks, it is indeed possible to make your bathroom appear bigger than it is.
With just a little attention and effort to decor, one can create the illusion of a bigger bathroom without getting into unnecessary renovations and moving walls.
Read ahead for profound tips and tricks to make your bathroom space look bigger and the science behind why they work.

Add mirrors

One of the most basic and easy ways to make your bathroom look bigger is by adding mirrors. They can easily light up any space and create the illusion of a bigger area than what it is. Using large mirrors will make the space look bigger as more light gets reflected, making the bathroom look bigger and brighter.
Apart from a face mirror, you can also install a mirror cabinet with storage; this way, you can use the space efficiently and make your bathroom appear bigger.

Update your Shower Enclosure

A clear glass shower enclosure will add to the aesthetic look of the bathroom and divide your bathroom in a very polished manner to make it look spacious and neat.
Before you go on to add this enclosure, make sure to consider points like how you would like the door to open. The type of door and which side it opens are affected by the space available in your bathroom, so make no mistakes and plan to make these changes to your bathroom. For bathroom remodel Tacoma location, you can check out Silverado Showers.

Choose the right tiles for your bathroom

A tile revamp for the bathroom is another way to change the look; while you’re at it, you can use a few tricks to make the bathroom appear bigger.
First, make sure your tiles go from the bottom up to the ceiling, as this will help you avoid any breakpoints that can give the illusion of small space.
When it comes to tiles, everything matters; the color, size, placement, and pattern are equally important in creating the look for your bathroom.
You can go all white to brighten the place if you don’t have enough natural lighting in your bathroom; play around with patterns to make the illusion of a spacious bathroom.

Give attention to Shelving & Storage

Storage is necessary for a bathroom but can easily look cluttered if you have a small space.
Instead of chunky vanity, go for a pedestal sin to battle that issue. A pedestal sink will open up the space by flaunting the bathroom floor. For storage, try to efficiently use the available space by using recessed shelves that look flushed to the wall and can easily be hidden to give a spacious vibe to your bathroom.

Select the right color

The color of bathroom walls can add or subtract from your bathroom look, so take your time to figure out the issues you want to fight and select the color.
If your issue is less natural lighting, use lighter colors to brighten your bathroom. Also, lighter colors make the space look bigger and darker colors do the exact opposite.
So it’s important to do a quick scan, figure out the issues, and select the right color for your Small Bathroom.

Pay attention to decor

The cost of remodeling a bathroom can be overwhelming. So for the lack of better options, you can go for small decor changes that will make a substantial difference to your bathroom space.
Especially for a small space, keep in mind that less is more. Do not clutter an already small place with unnecessary items to decorate it. Be thoughtful of the vibe you want to create and add items that match your aesthetic. Avoid chunky decor pieces and go for pieces that blend well with the tiles and paint of the bathroom. Try using rugs for the bathroom floor, trinkets for the sink, and paintings for walls that match your aesthetics and make the bathroom spacious and pleasant.

Tips and Tricks Small Bathroom ideas to make your bathroom feel bigger


If you plan to remodel your bathroom, do take inspiration from the above ideas to make your bathroom look sizeable and spacious. Being a place to relax and start your mornings, your bathroom should be far away from being cluttered and provide a feeling of tranquility and calm.

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