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Silverado Showers LLC is a Family & Veteran-Owned Washington-based bathroom remodeler. Our clients are individual homeowners in the residential bath remodel market. 

For over 20 years, we have built an experienced team with the skills, expertise, and ability to make sure your bathroom remodel is done right. We’re proud to work in our community – we live here and we care about our results and our reputation – that’s why we are proud to stand behind our work 100%. 


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Shower Remodel Tacoma

The soothing effects of a warm and refreshing shower can help you relax after a long and exhausting day. But does your bathroom feel boring and uninspiring? It’s time to switch things up. Putting in a new shower will help you enjoy your bathroom more and make it more functional & less cramped. Having a space where you can unwind for the day and soothe your nerves with hot water is a bare necessity. 

To get a high-quality replacement shower, you need to hire a contractor with expertise in shower remodeling. This is when Silverado Shower LLC comes in! Our contractor can assist you with every step of your next shower remodel in Tacoma.

Designing a Shower That’s Perfect for You

Designs with comfort and accessibility are important considerations when it comes to shower remodeling in Tacoma. Silverado Showers LLC’s walk-in showers combine style and functionality!

Whether it’s a small bathroom or a large one, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs. Our options include beautiful tile backdrops and space-saving options.

Every one of our interior designs is step-free and unencumbered by ledges and steps, making it great for anyone, but especially for those with mobility concerns. Moreover, the products like our Onyx collection provide a more open-feeling aesthetic, increasing the sense of space in your bathroom renovations.

Keep Your Shower Remodel on Budget in Tacoma

Homeowners understand the tradeoff between quality and cost. Most Tacoma bathroom remodelers perform low-quality work at a cheap cost. Upon completion, they can leave you high and dry with the outcome.

In everything we do at Silverado, one of our core values is a dedication to providing excellent customer service. By doing this, we are working FOR you on the job, and we are working together to find an affordable solution for your bathroom remodeling project. We offer financing options in Tacoma, WA, for those with good credit.

Our team understands that having an accessible bathroom can be a concern for some. Depending on your financial situation, you might be able to wait until the full amount is available. 

Why Silverado Shower for Shower Remodel in Tacoma WA?

1. Easy Maintenance

Silverado Showers LLC’s high-quality products are constructed of non-porous acrylic, which resists mold and mildew, making them easy to maintain.

2. Customizable Designs

The bath and shower systems can be tailored to suit your individual tastes by choosing from a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes.

3. Durability

Each of our designs will prevent scratches, chips, and stains, ensuring your improvement will last for years to come.

4. Expert Installation

Our certified remodeling contractors ensure that your new bath or shower fits perfectly into your home. 

5. Timely Bathroom Remodeling Services

We’ll renovate your bathroom while keeping a minimum timeline – with a new shower or bath.

Your Shower Remodeler is Only a Click Away

Remodeling your shower in Tacoma will provide you with the long-lasting bathroom renovation you need. Our mission is to provide homeowners with the fresh, modern upgrades they want – on their budget.

Everything starts with a simple click. Give us a call (253) 316-8343 to get started on your shower remodel. We will ask questions to learn more about your needs and understand what you would like upgraded. Reach out to us to get a free quote for your next remodelling project. 


What are the benefits of shower remodeling in Tacoma?

Tacoma shower remodeling benefits include increased comfort, improved functionality, improved aesthetics, the potential for energy savings with contemporary fixtures, and the chance to solve problems like leaks or water damage.

How long does a shower remodel in Tacoma typically take?

The length of a shower remodeling in Tacoma is determined by the extent of the job, its intricacy, and any unanticipated problems. A shower makeover can often be finished in a few days or weeks.

What factors can affect the cost of a shower remodel in Tacoma?

The size and design of the shower, the materials and fixtures chosen, the difficulty of the plumbing or electrical work, and the contractor's costs can all affect the price of a shower remodel in Tacoma.

Can I customize the design of my shower during the remodeling process?

Yes, you can customize the design of your shower during the remodeling process. Working with a professional contractor or designer, you can choose the style, materials, colors, and features that suit your preferences and create a shower that reflects your personal taste.

Will I need permits for a shower remodel in Tacoma?

Depending on local laws and the scope of the remodeling work, several permits may be needed in Tacoma when remodeling a shower. Whether you're planning a specific Tacoma remodeling project, it's best to check with the area's building department or a contractor to see whether permits are required.


At Silverado Showers, we are proud to represent and install the Onyx Collection in the majority of the bathroom remodel work we do for our customers. With selections in shower bases, shower pans, tub-to-shower conversions, lavatories, tub surrounds, fireplace hearths, slabs, seats, trim and just about any bathroom accessory you can imagine, being a dealer for the Onyx Collection gives our customers access to top line bathroom remodel products at an excellent value. To learn more about the Onyx Collection and get ideas about colors and materials, check out the Onyx Collection.

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