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5 Signs it’s time for a Bathtub Replacement

Aesthetically, a tub defines the bathroom’s look and plays a critical role in human hygiene. But it can’t last forever, can it? If it’s made of plastic, harsh cleaners can damage the surface. If made of steel or porcelain, it could be prone to chipping and cracking.
There can be several other compelling reasons for a bathtub replacement or tub-to-shower conversion at University Place, Tacoma, and Puyallup, some of which we’ll explore in our blog post today.

Here are five sure-shot signs it’s time for bathtub replacement.

Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

Any visible signs of chipping and cracking are the best and the very first indicator of getting a new bathtub for your bathroom or opting for a tub-to-shower conversion in University Place, Tacoma, or Puyallup.

Cracks are unsightly and irritating to see in most places but can be especially problematic with tub showers. Even small cracks will eventually turn into leaks. Small cracks will only worsen over time, and the more pressure is exerted on them, the more it will lead to leaks. If your bathtub is chipped and cracked, you can still make do with a repair job from a professional bathroom remodel contractor, but if you see several tiny cracks all over the tub, then it’s best to replace them.

Stains are another warning sign of a worn-out bathtub. Reddish-brown rust stains or grey hard water stains can always make your tub look dirty and ragged. Sometimes, you can clean out these stains with regular maintenance, but it can also reach a point where it may seem like the stains are a part of the tub. If you can no longer rub off your bathroom tub stains in Tacoma, your tub has likely passed its expiration date, and it’s best to vouch for a replacement.

Structural Damage and Safety Concerns

Any kind of structural damage in your tub shower can pose multiple safety risks. It can arise from the potential for the bathtub to break or collapse, leading to injuries, accidents, or permanent water damage to your home. Let’s discover the two most challenging threats to your tub shower in Puyallup.

  • Leaks: A bathtub drain that leaks at the edges is one of the most common reasons behind a bathroom remodel or tub-to-shower conversion in University Place, Tacoma, and Puyallup. The water tends to gather under the tub shower, so these leaks can often go unnoticed for long periods.

Although most leaks are tiny in volume, the water can penetrate the bathroom floor and erode the subfloor over time. Liquid sealants or spray gels can stop the leak, but restoring the floor will require removing the entire tub.
Even a random leak problem will only worsen the longer they’re neglected. It can cause exposure to dampness and mold, which is known to cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, eye irritation, and even skin rashes. Over time, mold can even cause severe chronic problems like asthma and lung illnesses. So, If you’re noticing puddles of water around your tub, it’s best to contact a bathroom remodel contractor and ask for bathtub replacement or tub-to-shower conversion.

  • Drain Issues: Sometimes, your bathroom drains in Tacoma can be clogged by too many hair strands or the like, especially if you bathe pets, wash your hair, or shave in the tub. While this problem can be easily avoided by removing the plug and cleaning it out, but if you’re finding that your drain is jammed too easily and too often, it could be that your bathtub has some structural, the drain is damaged, or the pipes are too small. This is majorly a plumbing issue, which can be easily fixed by replacing your dated tub with a new one or a quick tub-to-shower conversion by an expert bathroom remodel contractor like Silverado Showers.

It’s important to address these concerns promptly to ensure the safety of your bathroom in University Place.

Outdated Design and Style

Anyone with a house built between the 1920s and the 1970s may have been content with blue, pink, yellow, and green bathtubs. Colored oversized tubs framed with wide tub decks may have given the illusion of Roman romance back then, but they just aren’t practical anymore. It’s also an outdated look and can significantly age your house and impact its resale value.

Inadequate Functionality and Features

  1. If your beloved bathtub shows any of the following signs, it may be time to replace it.
  2. They aren’t easy to get in and out of, which could especially be challenging for individuals with limited mobility. If that’s the case with you, you should definitely head towards a bathroom remodel and renovation in Tacoma, Puyallup, and University Place with an expert and understanding company like Silverado Showers.
  3. They take up a huge chunk of space in your bathroom, where square footage is premium. (FYI, this is just another reason why a tub-to-shower conversion in University Place is the best option to go for).
  4. They use a lot of water and energy. On average, an oversized tub shower in Puyallup can hold up to 40 gallons of water, while a regular one holds about 15-20 gallons. This water will get heated, consuming energy and ultimately raising the energy bills.
  5. Your plumber needs extra help accessing plumbing valves, likely located inside the framed structure, behind the wall tile, or other surface material floor.

Lastly, they’re hard to clean and require much crawling and hand stretching to keep clean.
It’s 2023, and energy-efficient, eco-friendly products have become increasingly important to homeowners remodeling and renovating their master bathrooms in Tacoma, University Place, and Puyallup.

Signs of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are surface fungi that depend on moisture for survival. They not only look and feel gross but can be pretty dangerous as well. Mold grows on damp, dark surfaces, while mildew grows on wood, tiles, drywall, and more.

This rotting fungus can cause structural damage to not only your bathtub but the whole property as it reproduces and releases spores directly into the air, which eventually land and begin to grow. So, yes, even if you aren’t using the bathtub, mold from the tub can still affect you. It can cause respiratory ailments, allergic reactions, depression, migraines, and joint pain.

If your bathtub shows signs of a strong, persistent, smelly molder, there’s a good chance you need to prepare for a Silverado bathroom remodel or tub-to-shower conversion in University Place and Tacoma.

Need Professional Help? Get a Free Consultation from Silverado Showers

Is it time to replace your old bathroom tub? Or, are you looking for a tub-to-shower conversion in University Place, Tacoma, and Puyallup? Silverado Showers can help. Our experienced team offers a wide array of options and ideas to make your experience practical and beautiful. We’re proud to work in our community – we live here and care about our results – that’s why we are proud to stand behind our work 100%.

Not only tub replacements, Silverado Showers LLC also specializes in providing & installing solid surface shower bases, lavatories, shower & tub designs and surrounds, custom slabs, seats, trims, and other shower accessories to your specifications in almost any size, shape, and color for your new or remodeled bathroom needs at affordable costs.
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