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4 benefits of tub to shower conversion

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Top 4 Benefits of Tub to Shower Conversion

Renovations to the smallest part of your bathroom can transform the space immensely. Generally, bathroom renovation projects can be incredibly dramatic and effective when planned well and executed well, and they are usually affordable and hassle-free.
One simple and affordable project that packs quite the punch in sheer value is converting a tub into a shower. Tub to shower conversions Tacoma can be a wise investment and a notable upgrade in your and your family’s lives when performed by a professional.

Listed below are 4 benefits why you should convert your bathtub to a shower.

What is a tub-to-shower conversion?

One way to reinvent your bathroom is to turn your bathtub into a shower. The procedure is very simple:

When you convert your bathtub to a shower, your existing bathtub is removed and replaced with either a walk-in shower or a shower. The conversion of the shower area is one of the most popular bath remodeling upgrades for those who rarely use the walk-in tub or who lack the space in a smaller bathroom. Also, it provides added mobility in the bathroom for members of the household with mobility needs.

Benefits of the tub to shower conversion

Showers are usually the focal point in bathrooms that have been renovated, as they are typically designed with low entry thresholds and open concepts. Showers that include these elements are highly valued on the market because they offer a number of advantages, including:

Safer and Accessible

The tub to shower conversion in Puyallup will also enhance your bathing experience by giving you more bathing space. The best way to prevent falls in the bathroom is to avoid stepping over the wall of the tub. If you add a seat and grab bars to your bath, you can enjoy your bath even more since you won’t have to sit all the way down to the ground.

Requires less maintenance

In general, bathtubs require more cleaning time and maintenance. Moisture can seep into walls and floors if water is splashed out of a tub onto the floor. Repairs and mold removal can be quite expensive.

It is less likely that showers will cause this type of damage, but higher humidity can cause it. A strong bathroom fan or dehumidifier removes any remaining moisture from a shower. Additionally, modern shower stalls are designed and manufactured with materials that make cleaning easy.

No matter how often the tub is cleaned, mold will accumulate along the caulk lines, soap scum will gather on rounded interior surfaces, and hard water minerals will accumulate on the rounded corners. The chance of normal cleaning causing accumulations such as these decreases if you take a shower.

Elegant Style

Tubs are large focal points in bathrooms that draw the eye, and this will make the entire area an eyesore if the tub is outdated, ugly, or equipped with shower curtains for privacy. The modern shower is beautifully designed with glass doors that show off the shower surround and stylish tiles inside.

There is an endless array of shower products available from professional contractors in different colors, patterns, and textures. With tub-to-shower conversion companies usually have a talented team of designers who work closely with the customers to determine which style will work best in their home, taking into account the design of the home, the size and area of the tub, and a number of other factors.

Increases the value of your home

You can actually increase the resale value of your home by having a well-designed, well-built custom shower. The average homeowner who remodels a bathroom recoups more than half of the cost of the remodel when she sells her home. The advantages of converting your tub to a shower both benefit you and your home if you decide to sell.

How much does it cost to convert a tub to a shower?

Generally, labor and materials are the two most significant expenses when replacing a bathtub and installing a shower. Also, tub to shower conversion cost anywhere from a simple do-it-yourself project to a complete renovation, depending on your budget.


A Tub-to-shower conversion at university place can be hassle-free when handled by professionals, so hiring them to do the work is highly recommended. Located in Washington, Silverado Showers LLC offers tub-to-shower conversion services that include design, planning, and installation.

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